Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Will You Pay To Stay Connected To Friends?


As I am sure many of you have heard, whether you utilize the service or not, about the large amounts of money the Facebook creators have made by taking their company public. Over the past few weeks you can't pick up a newspaper or turn on a television without hearing how these individuals created such a successful venture and all the money that they are making from it.
It is not uncommon for those who are using this social media site to see frequent postings about how the company will begin charging soon for access to the site and many have already stated outwardly that if Facebook began charging people for access to it that they would no longer use it as a way to communicate with friends and family. Many are wondering if the public acquisition of the website will generate a new fee for usage as well. As people begin assessing their wireless internet usage, they will likely have to consider if they are willing to pay an additional fee above and beyond what their internet connection is costing them.
Social media sites, of which Facebook is by far one of the largest and most popular ones, have become part of our culture and serve not only as a source for communicating about friends, family, and current events, but as a way to make a stand, share political views, and update others on pertinent life happenings. Many are currently using Facebook from mobile devices such as iPhones, PDA's, and iPads using them not only to communicate with others but even as a way to play games throughout the day.
There are a large group of individuals that feel if Facebook starts charging they will cancel their service, and they believe many others will do the same. However, some people have become so dependent on the social media site that as long as the cost is low enough they are willing to pay for using it. The main issue is that Facebook is making more than enough money with advertising alone. Even though users are able to use the site free of charge, advertisers are paying a small fortune just to place their ads on the pages of Facebook.
When it comes to utilizing the Internet, more people use their broadband internet connections to get on social media sites then just about anything else on the web. Our society pays more for entertainment than just about any other aspect of life, supporting the fact that if people had to pay to access a website such as Facebook that more of them probably would pay to keep this service that they have grown to love then are willing to admit it


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